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From: May 11, 2020


That seems far away, but in the past 2 weeks we received a large number of credit report requests on a Romanian debtor. A new company, but old acquaintances! This company from Bucharest is a well-known family of gypsies and has left a trail of misery in the recent years. Always the tried-and-tested recipe: start a month or two before a big holiday with small orders, pay immediately, but suddenly request for a few large orders and they are gone again leaving big debts behind. We know these persons under many names and with big outstanding debts. We know them since 2012! They are currently approaching flower exporters and farms in The Netherlands (Aalsmeer and Westland) and South America. Meanwhile we have been able to warn several clients. Do not start business with these people, you will always lose!

You have been warned, please contact us for more information. Thorough debtors research is really a necessary in the floriculture industry. At least, if you do not want to be scammed. Our database contains over 2.300 registered doubtful debtors, scammers, frauds and companies with big financial problems. We only have to warn you once and you will gain profit from your membership for years.