About AgroCheck

AgroCheck provides credit information for the horticulture industry. The online database contains more than 30.000 companies in the industry, including over 1.700 companies registered on the ‘Warning list’. AgroCheck also creates dozens of up-to-date credit reports for her clients, including credit advice.

When your client doesn’t pay, you can ask AgroCheck Collections to collect the debts. With over 15 years of experience, AgroCheck Collections is the only specialized debt collection agency for the horticulture industry worldwide, with renowned clients in almost all well-known flower export countries. 


How it works

AgroCheck members get access to the online database. So you can easily check if your (potential) customer is known with positive- or negative history. Members also receive three free up-to-date credit reports including credit limit advice.

Potential customers

You are contacted by a potential customer. They want to buy your flowers and plants, but how do you know if this is a reliable company?

How It Works

Check companies

AgroCheck members log in to the AgroCheck database, search for the potential customer or ask for an up-to-date credit report.

Do business

With an AgroCheck credit report you know who your potenital customer is, what they do, how long they exist and how their financial position is. With a positive report, you can decide to do business!


An Agro-Check membership is for the minimum of 12 months and will continue without new confirmation for another 12 months, unless the membership is terminated by mail or email minimum 30 days before the end of this term.

Non member

from €35 for credit report

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€295 /year
  • Access to info +30 000 companies
  • 20 advices/month
  • 3 credit reports
  • 5 pre-collection letters
  • AgroCheck Newsletter


€495 /year
  • Access to info +30 000 companies
  • 20 advices/month
  • 15 credit reports
  • 5 pre-collection letters
  • AgroCheck Newsletter
*All prices are excluding 21% VAT, if applicable

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