Debt Collections


International Debt Collection

Did you do everything to collect the outstanding amount of your debtor? And still have no success? Then it is time to hand over the claim to AgroCheck Collections.

We delve into the background of your debtors and the reasons why they do not pay and take this into account to determine the debt collection process. We are very clear, decisive and correct in our dealings with your debtors, so they know where they stand. And you too.

AgroCheck Collections is specialized in International Debt Collecting services. On behalf of our customers, we travel all over the world to visit debtors. This significantly increases the success rate of successful debt collections. With more than 22 years of experience in the AGF-sector (flowers & plants, bulbs and fruit & vegetables) AgroCheck Collections is better than anyone aware of the process in these branches. We do business with many reputable traders, growers and cargo agencies for years, in Holland and companies in foreign countries. We are fully aware of the issues about the export, including logistics and packing & (CC)container systems.

AgroCheck Collections uses the principle, whereby after the written summations, the personal contact with the debtor is started in consideration with the client. This allows us to examine the local situation (location, real estate, local records, current operations, possible collateral, private situation, etc.). AgroCheck Collections will always act in consideration with the client and also has as its main objective to maintain the relationship between the customer and the client as much as possible, and desirable. Extrajudicial collection always has our preference!


The basic thought of AgroCheck Collections is that we treat debt collection procedures on No Cure = No Pay base. Only when we collect money for our clients, we charge a pre-agreed fee. If we can recover the total claim, including interest and debt collection costs on the debtor, we will not charge any costs to our clients. We do charge a fixed amount for administrative costs.

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