Spanish scammers still active

From: December 14, 2022

A new company, new name, different address, different contacts and telephone numbers, but the same people. It's that time again, a scammer gang that has been active for years from northern Spain has been spotted again. Unfortunately, they always find victims, but we hope to protect you from damage by sending this newsletter…

We have been tracking these people since 2009. Over the years, huge amounts of damage have been caused to flower farms, exporters, brokers and cargo agencies in Ecuador, Colombia and The Netherlands. Every year they manage to find new victims with a new company name, we currently know 11 different company names. The company is mainly operating from the Pontevedra and Palencia region, but each time from different addresses so a connection will not quickly be made to their previous companies. By using front men, these people often manage to stay out of the picture and build confidence with the supplier, but after some professional investigation you can find out that they are the same people.

Preparations for Valentine's Day seem to have started again. Various flower farms and exporters are currently being approached for new shipments, so please be careful and do your homework (buy a credit report) before doing business with new customers.

AgroCheck members who would like to know which debtor this concerns can contact us. We advise non-members to consider an AgroCheck membership. You can avoid a lot of misery from just €450 per year.