Russian crooks don´t stop

From: August 26, 2020

A remarkable story, of constantly recurring Russian scammers that continuously leave flower farms and cargo agencies with large outstanding debts, seems to have no end.

Since 2018, AgroCheck has its eyes on a group of Russian scammers, operating from Krasnodar and Moscow, which is now known under 7 different company names. It concerns a group that consists of a couple and some associates, including an intermediary who bring the farms or brokers in contact with the Russian buyer. This intermediary is fully involved in this conspiracy, but afterwards plays the victim role. All persons use their own first name (or variations on it) but each time appear with a different last name. The usual pattern is applied: a prepayment is made after which a small credit limit is built up that quickly increases to a larger credit. If the crooks think it's enough and they cannot get more credit, they disappear.

The persons, aliases and company names are known to AgroCheck. Members can easily find them in our database or can be notified by contacting us, feel free to do so.

How do you prevent such scams for your company? AgroCheck creates up-to-date credit reports for its customers on a daily basis. We do an extensive investigation into your new customer and also check whether there are links with other companies (registrations at the same address, information that matches such as telephone numbers, email addresses or contact persons). Every week we warn our customers of doubtful debtors and the investment of an AgroCheck membership is definitely worth the money: one warning often means that (tens of) thousands of dollars of damage can be prevented.

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