Meet AgroCheck in October 2021 in Colombia

From: July 27, 2021

AgroCheck will be visiting Colombia again in the week of October 4th to meet with clients and to meet farms and cargo agencies that are interested in our services. We are convinced that our services will help your company to do business with the right clients and to prevent you from doing business with doubtful debtors. During the meeting we can give you a database demonstration and explain about our services.

Although many farms and cargo agencies are already a member of AgroCheck, there are still a lot of them that aren’t. Every month we are being contacted by several farms who have been scammed or who want to collect outstanding debts. It seems to be a never ending story and we want to try to help all of you. AgroCheck already prevented a lot of you from doing business with doubtful debtors and scammers, so that’s the good news. Besides that, many companies already use our credit reports before they start business with new clients.

During our visit in October 2021 we would like to meet with both clients and non-clients. It’s good to meet each other (again) and we can provide database demonstrations or discuss about possible debt collection cases. We already planned several meetings, but we still have time left to (hopefully) meet you as well! Please feel free to contact us to inform about the possibilities for a meeting, of course without engagement.

No time to meet us in October or are you located in Ecuador? Of course we can also schedule a virtual meeting. We are looking forward to meet you!