A frequent offender from USA

From: May 12, 2020


A structural defaulter from USA (New York) showed up once again. The owner is known to AgroCheck for several years now and used at least 5 different company names in this period. He buys flowers from many different farms in both Colombia and Ecuador, mainly smaller shipments. The owner of the company uses a particular strategy to mislead farms.

The debtor is located in New York area and has been doing business since 2010, as far as we know. First debts are known since 2011 and in these years several smaller, but also bigger debts are made. The owner knows that he is listed on several Warning lists and probably therefor uses different company names (some aren’t even registered and just trading names), but also different variants on his personal name, so he cannot easily be connected to his previous companies. He has a foreign surname, so he always writes his name in a different way.

The owner uses different phone numbers, but doesn’t change them. When he is done with a supplier who is sending him messages and calling him for a payment, he simply blocks them and continues with his fraudulent business.

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