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  • Costs for extra advice will be invoiced every 3 months.


Agro-Check offers two different memberships:

1. Agro-Check standard: The annual fee for access to the Agro-Check database is € 295,00 (excl. VAT if applicable). For this fee you will receive twenty (20) free advices per month. With these advices you can ask all additional, known information about companies in the database or Warning List. For all extra advices (over 20 per month) you will pay only € 2,50 per advice extra.

2. Agro-Check premium: The annual fee is € 495,00 (excl. VAT if applicable). Beside complete acces to the database, you will also receive 15 extra debtor reports each year. We will search for information about the debtor and send you taylor made debtor reports. You will only have to send us the request by email. Click here for more information.


An Agro-Check membership is for the minimum of 12 months and will continue without new confirmation for another 12 months, unless the membership is terminated by mail or email minimum 30 days before the end of this term.

All payments are debited to your account or have to be paid upon receiving the invoice. After receiving the payment, your account will be set up and login information send by email. Extra costs, such as extra advices, will be invoiced every month.